Cunningham Gill Limited and their global partner, Concordia International Forwarding, have used their combined expertise to provide logistic and freight services for NASA scientists to meet extremely tight deadlines to allow a significant space research project to launch on schedule.

A division of NASA engaged the services of Concordia’s sea freight team – Ibex International, to arrange a shipment of important components of a research balloon from Texas, USA to Wanaka, NZ. The shipment contained a hazardous component (batteries) which meant shipping options were limited as well as the cut off for delivering the shipment in Wanaka very tight. Ibex contacted their NZ partner – Cunningham Gill Limited who used their experience and knowledge of international freight and domestic freight to put together a plan to enable all NZ requirements to be met. By working closely together and keeping close tracking and management of the shipment the team of Ibex International and Cunningham Gill Limited not only met the deadlines but delivered the shipment 2 days ahead of schedule. The project – see media report below – is now on track and ready to launch.

Space mysteries beckon for Wanaka NASA balloon

Adam Walker, Newstalk ZB March 6, 2015, 7:37 am

NASA scientists could potentially discover new planets, or even discover the origins of the universe when a massive balloon leaves Wanaka next week.
The balloon, around the size of Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium when fully inflated, will collect data over 100 days from around 40 kilometres above ground.
It’s made of a material similar to plastic sandwich bags and cost more than one million dollars to make.
Campaign manager, Dwayne Orr says the data they’ll collect will look at a number of different scientific conundrums.
“We could look at the origins of the universe, or cosmic rays, or ozone holes could be of interest.”
NASA scientists will carefully monitor the wind in Wanaka over the next week.
The balloon is set to float to South America collecting data.