Cunningham Gill extend our best wishes and sympathy’s to all involved and wish them all the best for the ongoing issues and recovery. One cannot imagine the stress in over 1500 and counting aftershocks.

The recent major earthquakes in the lower North Island and central, upper South Island have seen major delays and additional cost to all modes of transport throughout New Zealand.

The links below provide information relating to transport infrastructure delays due to several major road / rail and port damages and closures.

KiwiRail: Real progress made on ferry and rail operations

NZTA: South Island highways update

CentrePort: Update on CentrePort earthquake response

NZCS: Wellington Customhouse closed

Lyttelton Port: Lyttelton Port open

Transport providers have advised increased costs as a result of alternative routes / increased transport requirements / closures and delays.

Delays and additional costs are expected to continue for some time as repairs and timeframes are still being accessed.

If you have shipments likely to be affected – please contact your team at Cunningham Gill.

We will continue to provide updates where possible and will also be required to pass on additional costs as received from transport providers.